Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver WA

Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver WA

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We are your local Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Leader: Better Air NW offers you unbeatable personal service and easy to understand, affordable pricing. You will see our attention to detail is what sets up apart from our competition. Locally owned and family run, call Better Air NW today!

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Air Duct Cleaning Seatle Process:

When you hire Better Air NW for air duct cleaning Vancouver you get both professional and personal service before the job even starts. We will contact you prior to the beginning of your appointment to quickly confirm the start time and also give you an update on where we are as far as the morning commute is concerned. Professional service is standard for many different duct cleaning businesses. The difference we offer his personal service. It is difficult to describe personal service but you and I both know it is something that you can just feel. Personal service just feels right.

As we arrive at your home we will greet you with a friendly hello and fully explain the duct cleaning Bellevue process we are about to undertake. This walk-through will give you a solid idea of what exactly you are paying for with our quality air duct cleaning Bellevue WA service. We will be sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your home including using drop cloths if necessary as well as removing our shoes and other general protective measures.

You will see that we get right to work as soon as you feel you have a full understanding of the work being performed. The first step is to cut access points on the supply side as well of the return side of your furnace . Our powerful negative air machine uses a 10 inch diameter port to allow adequate powerful suction. The length of our hose is expandable to up to 60 feet however we will typically use a 15 foot length again for maximum efficiency. The HEPA filtration which is part of our negative air machine ensures that your home is protected from the dust we are removing from your air ducts. The power source we will use is a 15 amp circuit in your home. This is the maximum amount of amperage available in most residential construction. We like to use as much power as possible to make sure you receive the best duct cleaning.

Now that we have access to the supply side of your furnace we will use a protective wrap to cover your evaporator coils so they are not contaminated with dust. We will then replace your furnace filters with specially fitted sheet metal pieces to maximize the air flow back to the vacuum. As you may have guessed we now attach our vacuum and begin the suction process. Once the negative air machine is turned on we will go through your home and cover every register with industry-specific masking tape so that every register is completely sealed. This step ensures the best suction available for the vacuum.

Before we begin pushing down each register with our powerful air tools we will go and hand vacuum the opening of every register. We do this because in many cases you will have large sharp objects within the first couple of feet that may have fallen down the register opening. These items include nails and screws as well as any type of toy world food you could think of. Some of these items may not be dangerous by potentially damaging your system but the precaution is an additional step we take to make sure you receive the best air duct cleaning possible.

It is now time for the rod system which we’ll navigate through every inch of your air ducts. This specially designed rod system is attached to an air compressor that pumps out 180 psi of air pressure. At the end of the rod system is typically an agitation with or a forward blowing nozzle. These tools help agitate the interior walls of your ductwork and push any remaining debris back down to our vacuum where it is completely removed for your indoor air enjoyment. We will repeat this process on the return side of your air ducts which are the larger vents found in your home. With both sides complete you have a quality air duct cleaning in your grasp.

Getting close to the end we will remove the protective wrap from your evaporator coils and clean them accordingly. In these final steps of the job he will find a big difference between us and our competitors. Many companies do not spend the time to adequately clean the blower motor and air handler compartment which can make a dramatic impact on the overall cleanliness of your ductwork in time. If you end up not using our service be sure to request the blower motor is really cleaned by the company you do hirer it really does make a big difference.

There you have it the job is done. We will now seal up the access panels we created by covering them with a sheet metal plate which is screwed on and taped so that no air loss occurs. Again we will cycle the system at the completion of the project to make sure everything is in working order. The final step is to provide you a final walk-through of the work that we performed showing you everything is back the way that it should be so you can breathe easy. Not only will you be able to breathe easy you breathe better air.  Better Air NW is your air duct cleaning Bellevue solution.