Furnace Cleaning Cost

Furnace Cleaning Cost

Your Furnace Cleaning Cost is Included

The furnace cleaning cost is included in all of our duct cleaning services. The goal is to improve the life of your furnace. Better Air NW can help prolong the furnace life and improve your air all in one. Furnace cleaning without air duct cleaning just doesn’t make sense. Cover both of your bases and call Better Air NW today!

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The Furnace Cleaning Cost Savings Special:

The cost of cleaning your furnace just got a little more affordable. Mention the furnace cleaning cost page of our website and save yourself 10% on the entire service. Sure, the savings are sending you on a cruise but a little savings here and there never hurts.

You Know the Cost Now What’s The Furnace Cleaning Procedure?

The furnace cleaning is part of our overall air duct cleaning process. The act of cleaning your furnace without removing the debris from your ducts just doesn’t make sense. The reason for that is once your furnace is cleaned the debris located in your ducts will just recontaminate your furnace on the first cycle of air. If that happens the money you just spent is for nothing and you are back to square one.

As part of our service the furnace cleaning is the last step other than clean up. We will remove the buildup of dust, dirt and debris from your blower motor, air handler and evaporator coils. Some air duct cleaners including Better Air NW believe the furnace cleaning portion of the job is the most important in the process. The small mechanical parts of your furnace if not cleaned will begin to become stressed and will fail before their actual life expectancy. The furnace cleaning will free the sensitive parts of the mechanical must haves and keep your furnace running for years to come. We will use delicate yet effective compressed air to perform the actual cleaning. This is the safest yet most effective means of cleaning available.
You will also appreciate the benefits of general air duct cleaning itself. How does less dust in your home sound? What about improved indoor air quality for better breathing, how does that sound? Both are included in air duct cleaning.