You want to know the price?  You got it!  The best air duct cleaning in town, no hidden fees.  Don’t be fooled by misleading “Coupons” or “Groupons”.  We have the best reputation in the business!

Air Duct Cleaning  (What’s Included?)

Square Footage of HomeNo Hidden Fee Pricing
2000 sq. ft. and under$375
2001 - 2500 sq. ft.$425
2501 - 3000 sq. ft.$475
3001 - 3500 sq. ft.$525
3501 - 4000 sq. ft.$625
4001 - 4500 sq. ft.$825
4501 - 5000 sq. ft.$875
5000 sq. ft. and aboveSchedule Estimate
Additional Furnace$250

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Exterior Exhaust Point No Hidden Fee Pricing
Ground Floor$150
2nd Story$150
3rd Story or AboveUnavailable
Rooftop Unavailable
Combined w/ Duct CleaningOnly $50